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Exfoliating 4 major pitfalls zoning conduct easily upset skin is not bothered

First, why exfoliate?

It removes the aging keratin and agglomerated melanin and a skin condition from the epidermis, improves skin tone, and makes the pores less important and more delicate. Removing the skin’s aging quiet cells and restoring the skin’s inflammation is the basis on behalf of impending skin forethought graft. If the keratin is too thick, folks, a skin condition, screw up subtraction and other special effects will not appear on the cope with.

Second, exfoliation four traps

Trap solitary: Day after day exfoliation

Because exfoliation can help the skin deep clean, agree to the skin breathe again, restore the delicate and smooth feeling. So, very MM on the exfoliation “addiction”. I think to all daytime exfoliation skin will suit smoother and smoother, a daytime lacking exfoliation will feel uncomfortable cope with. I don’t know, frequent exfoliation makes the skin suffer serious destruction, the skin layer is getting thinner and thinner, appearing red blood dry peeling and other phenomena.

The entirely way: According to the skin needs to exfoliate

Sensitive skin more to reduce the frequency, two weeks to exfoliate previously, with certain irrigate wash mask and other non-abrasive exfoliation products.

Combination skin exfoliates previously a week, and can intensify exfoliation in areas prone to oiliness.

Oily skin can be exfoliated twice a week, but dry areas ought to be exfoliated a lesser amount of often.

The instant ruse: The make use of of strong exfoliating products to remove fat

Many MM to the summer, like to make use of “deep frame removal”, “deep clean” products, and wash the cope with to rub the cope with, or feel to the wash is not clean. Many MM in addition like to make use of shrubs products, think to shrubs products the stronger the substance of particles, but your “horny” will lone be in your innocent, cruelly be worn diluted.

The entirely way: On behalf of their own skin conditions to desire exfoliating products

1, fatty skin: If the fatty skin MM, usually thick horny layer and larger pores, openly is better to make use of scrubs.

2, dry skin: Dry skin MM easily upset and undemanding to break the skin, with scrub-type exfoliating products but undemanding to advantage to the opposite effect, undemanding to hoard melanin, it is recommended to make use of the enzymatic mask gel to the cope with, mild exfoliation.

3, diverse skin: Diverse skin MM appropriate on behalf of exfoliating previously a week, mild scrubbing dirt a good number valuable.

4, easily upset skin: Desire a gel-type exfoliating products, it belongs to the water-soluble, refusal irritating granular shrubs, gel surface by dissolving the aging necrosis of the keratin layer to get exfoliation purposes.

Trap three: Not zoning exfoliation

Many MM summer often round of shine, exfoliation in addition like to exfoliation products coated all on top of the cope with, think this can be more methodically exfoliated, but for the reason that of the assorted parts of the cope with skin keratin metabolism power is very assorted. For case, the temple, chin, nose these parts of the lubricate keratin more, need special forethought, make use of shrubs while you can apply more, but the skin around the eyes is 0.3 mm, keratin lone a layer, with shrubs exfoliation if not get around the eye area, will lone meet your skin aging more rapidly.

The entirely way: Exfoliation ought to be through in zones

Forehead, chin, nose these parts of the lubricate keratin a good number, need special forethought, make use of shrubs can be more coated, temple and chin from the inside impossible drawing small circles gently massage, nose is misrepresented to the outside to the inside drawing circles, lasting 5 to 10 minutes. Exfoliating scrubs have got to get around the eye area, cheek areas to decide on the scrubbing method according to assorted skin types.

Pitfall four: A skin condition while strengthening exfoliation

The frequency of a skin condition is in addition greatly increased in summer due to the area of high pressure lubricate oozing, many MM think to a skin condition, we suffer to strengthen the exfoliation to acquire back the delicate skin, but a skin condition skin artificial exfoliation, will lone advantage to a skin condition breach and infection.

The entirely way: Long a skin condition ought to not be extreme exfoliation

The tangible truth is to you can make use of a refreshing cope with wash to clean your cope with, and it follows that place a special a skin condition invention on the a skin condition location, so to the LHA and salicylic acid in the invention soften the keratin, unclog the pores of the keratin accumulation, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory can be.

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